Friday, May 11, 2012

Urban Decay: The Black Palette

This is the final palette in my forgotten palette series! The original post is here.

I have been trying to get a post on this palette up for ages but because the shadows are so dark I have found myself using it mostly at night. Then by the time I'm ready to go out I'm late and I either forget or simply don't have time to take photos of the look I created.

Eventually I decided to use it during the day to finally get some pictures. I'm glad I did in the end because it shows that The Black Palette can be surprisingly versatile and you don't have to keep it exclusively for more extreme night looks.

I created a very simple look with it.

To get this look I: 

  • Applied UDPP in Original all over the lid
  • Applied Mac Sumptuous Olive all over lid
  • Mac Humid was placed on the outer lid
  • Libertine from The Black Palette was used in the crease and outer v
  • Mac Brulé was used on the brow bone
  • Maybelline Gel Eyeliner was placed on the upper lashline
  • Finally Maybelline Falsies mascara was used

I was so glad to be able to create a day-time look with this palette instead of just keeping it to use at night.

You can check out the other forgotton palette posts if you want - Benefit, Rimmel and MAC.


  1. This is beautiful on you - Sumptuous Olive is one of my fave MAC eyeshadow shades xo

    1. Thanks Emma:) Yes it is definitely one of my favourites too! x

  2. wonderful colours! :))

    and very nice blog! :)
    it would be grat if you visit my blog too :)



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