Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No7 Milan

No7's Milan is one of my favourite No7 polishes. Hell, I think it's one of my favourite polishes ever!

It's a frosty toned pink with a kind of silvery shimmer running through it.
It applied like a dream, this is two coats.

I love wearing this polish, it's the kind of polish that makes you keep second-glancing at your nails. If you're like me, this is maybe not the best polish to wear if you have a busy day at work as you might waste a lot of time admiring your nails, ha!


  1. I actually have the old version of this and I can't bear to throw it out, mine's a different formula but still the same colour, I often meant to thin it but I keep forgetting! It's an unusual colour x

    1. It really is such a stunning colour! x


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