Saturday, July 28, 2012

China Glaze Electric Pineapple

I only seem to have one photo of this polish, I don't know where the rest disappeared to!

Electric Pineapple was part of the Island Escape collection which was released in Summer 2011.

It is a reasonably bright yellow but not neon. This was only two coats but it would need three to completely cover any nail lines. It is slightly green-toned and looks like a proper yellow - it doesn't just look like your nails are yellow-stained!


  1. I bought this one a couple of months back...but its such a watery consistency that I cannot seem to get rid of the lines. I haven't used it since. I find this frustrating about these brands. Same manufacturers, same name, but finish is totally unpredictable. How do you find it?x

    1. Oh that's such a pity:( Mine is fine but I have had that issue with other polishes from the same brand:(


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