Monday, June 25, 2012

How You Know You're A Crazy Cat Lady

The word cat can be substituted with the plural cats or dog or any pet that owns you.

  • You stand bent at an awkward angle because the cat has decided they want to sit on your back.You stay there until the cat decides to leave. 
  • It is completely normal to wake up in the morning with a cat asleep on top of your head.
  • You will sleep on the 'wrong' side of the bed because the cat has decided it is sleeping on your side. It doesn't even cross your mind to move said cat. 
  • You make your cat a cup of tea on a winter's morning. In their own special cup and saucer. 
  • You get up throughout the night to let your cat in and out as they please. Summer is notorious for this. 
  • If you can't sleep and the cat is on the bed, you avoid tossing and turning too much as your cat will give out to you.
  • You have walked around outside with your cat sitting on your shoulder.
  • You have made a fool of yourself outside your house trying to rescue your cat from a tree/high wall/top of a tractor etc. Particularly during kittenhood/adolescence.
  • You buy your cat presents at Christmas. And take photos of them opening it.
  • You have a picture of your cat in a photo frame. On display in the house.
  • You have more photos of your cat on your phone cat than of anything else.
  • When your cat goes outside you tell them to be careful and look both ways crossing the road.
  • When they come inside you say to them any craic/any news for me.
  • If you are away and Skype home, the cat has to be brought on Skype.
  • If they are on holidays in a cattery you ring the cattery after their first night to see how they settled in.
  • People give you presents of things with cats on it - books, notepads, jewelary, cups etc.
  • You write a blog post about cats on a beauty blog.

(Based on true life and genuinely not exaggerated.)


  1. The main one that stands out for me is people giving you cat related presents. I have a friend who growing up had a million zillion cats and if I see anything to do with cats I have to get it for her!

    1. Hehe there's a reason there's so many cat related items on the market!;) x

  2. Great post and lovely photographs! I have two cats (although one is much more mischievous than the other) and it's so true what you say about having to let them out at all times of night! One of mine discovered that if I'm in bed, the best way to wake me up is to jump onto my drawers and start knocking things off. He once managed to knock my TV over by doing this, so now I have to get up straight away and let him out! xXx

    1. Aren't they divils! They know exactly what to do to make you do what they want! x

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with all your points!! I really miss my cat :-(
    Great post though, very funny!

    1. Thanks CeeCee! I'm sorry about your cat:( x

  4. Guilty as charged! Especially this on -You have more photos of your cat on your phone cat than of anything else. Also, having a folder of your cats pics on your computer and the wallpaper of those rotating every day. Yours are so cute :)

    1. Hehe gotta love a rotating wallpaper of cats! x


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