Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge - Day 9

Day 9

The theme for today is rainbow nails. I had quite a few ideas for this one but I eventually decided to go for this multi-coloured polka dot one.  I used a toothpick instead of a dotting tool so that I would get more of a more spattered effect from the dots. I also chose to have a blue base to represent the sky:) The list of polishes I used are below.


Nail Varnish Used L-R:
China Glaze Paypaya Punch
China Glaze Heli-yum
China Glaze Towel Boy Blue
China Glaze Electric Pineapple
OPI Lucky Lucky Lavander


  1. I don't quite know how you're doing this, it would break my heart to have to take off pretty nail designs every day! :O


  2. Love this challenge, your polishing skills put me to shame, can barely apply block colour! I adore these colourful dots!

  3. @ Sarah lol yea it can be annoying when it's a design I really really like but on the plus side at least I'm getting to use a lot of my nail varnish!! xx

    @ Cassy you're so sweet! I think I've a good bit to go before I consider myself skilled but thank you so much! xx


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