Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge - Day 19

Day 19

Midweek already. It makes you feel so old when you start to be shocked at how quickly time is going!
The theme for today's nails was galaxy nails. I'd never heard of this nail trend, so to be honest I just looked through my nail varnish collection and grabbed a few polishes that I felt would be best suited for this theme. 
I think this has been my favourite manicure so far. It didn't take that long surprisingly and I just loved looking at this on my nails!

What I used:

L-R Rimmel's Black Pearl, Rimmel's Blue Vogue, Essence Blue Addicted, Essence Blue Ray, Catrice My Milkyway and Revlon Galaxy.

Firstly I put on a base coat using Rimmel's Black Pearl

Then I sponged on some of Rimmel's Blue Vogue

Next was the addition of the first glitter polish - Essence's Blue Addicted. (This is where I fell in love with the mani!)

Then I sponged on some Blue Ray from the Essence Holographic collection.

After this I decided to sponge on another holographic type of polish. This time it was My Milkyway by Catrice.


The final step was to put on a layer of the aptly named Galaxy by Revlon. 

And there we have the finished look!

I'm extremely happy with the way this turned out. Have you ever heard of galaxy nails before? Will you be trying it out?


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