Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge - Day 31

Day 31

And this is it, the final day of the challenge. And it's not even a challenge today, just a recap! 

I have to say I enjoyed this nail challenge immensely. Whilst I am the first to admit that I still need plenty of practice in the nail art department I do feel that this challenge has allowed me to experiment a bit more with nail art and I'm really looking forward to doing even more experimenting with it. 
Another bonus with this challenge is that you really go through your nail varnish collection and root out varnish you otherwise may not have used! That being said I did end up using OPI's Alpine Snow and 17's Nightshade quite frequently! 

Another thing I loved about this challenge was blogging every day. I thought I might struggle a bit with it but aside from having to schedule a few posts due to being away, I really didn't find it that bad. I'm looking forward to blogging more frequently in the future but I don't know if I'll do it on a daily basis or not. I want to but I don't know if readers like it? People might not have the time to read a post every day by every blogger they follow. What do ye think? Would ye like to see a blog a day?   

I can't have the final post of the challenge without a picture so I'm going to include a few pictures of my favourite designs throughout the challenge:) 

Let me know if you decide to do the challenge!


  1. Noooo it's over already!! I really enjoyed the challenge, I'm contemplating doing this myself =)

    Well done on finishing it.

  2. I know I can't believe how quick it has gone! Go on, do it!!!:D

  3. I've been dying to do this for weeks now, finally decided to start today, hope I can do as well as you did! Really enjoyed checking in to see what you came up with :) It ended so quickly!!!

  4. @ MissGreenEyes So glad you've decided to do the challenge! Can't wait to see what you do:) and yes, the days go extremely quick!


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