Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge!

It's October! Yay I love the next few months and feeling all autumnal! As it's a new month I decided to do a challenge!

I came across this challenge last week and was intrigued. I think it's been floating around for a while so I don't know who to credit the original idea with. 

Basically the challenge entails posting a picture of your nails everyday for 31 days with your nails painted in accordance with what is outlined below! I though this was a great challenge to help me learn and improve my nail art skills as well as being a fun and creative challenge.

I was eager to start this last week when I found it but decided to wait until today as it's the 1st of October and there's 31 days in the month. 
A little disclaimer is that I started painting my nails last week following the days as outlined, but they were done with this challenge in mind so I feel it's relevant in this case to use some pictures that are 'old'. I'm really looking forward to some of the inspired by ones later in the month! 

 Today's post will be up later today:) 

What do you think of the 31 Day Nail Challenge? Want to do it?


  1. What a great idea! Look forward to seeing your creations in this regard :D! I could never change my nail polish everyday, so well done to you for challenging yourself :) xx

  2. Thanks Art! The first few days aren't too exciting at all, just plain colours but it gets more interesting then!:) xx

  3. Wow, this is quite a challenge. I only own three or four colours! I can't wait to see the polka dots and the animal print days! And looking forward to seeing what you'll create for the inspired by days.

  4. Ohmigosh I LOVE this idea and I can not wait to see what you come up with!!! The last set of challenges look so hard, but this list has given me so many brilliant ideas for more nail art practice, thanks for this!!

  5. @Cassy I'm looking forward to seeing what I can come up with for the inspired days as well lol! I only know what I'm doing for the song one yet, it popped into my head one day at work haha. Need to start thinking of the rest of them though! x

    @MissGreenEyes So glad you like this! It really is a great way to kickstart some creativity:) x


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