Monday, April 30, 2012

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

It's the last day of April! May tomorrow, really getting towards Summer now:)

This is a special polish to me as it is one of the first OPI’s that I ever purchased.
It is a beautiful pink toned purple that was released with the Hong Kong collection of Spring 2010.

Lucky Lucky Lavender is also the very first polish I ever took photos off, all the way back on the 14 November 2010, before I had even started the blog! I hadn’t even thought of starting a blog, I just decided to start creating a photo library of all my polishes.

When I was wearing Lucky Lucky Lavender recently, I decided to take some fresh photos, just to be able to compare them!



Although I feel I’ve a while to go before I’m fully happy with how I take pictures of my nails I think there is a huge difference between then and now! And one thing's for sure - the colour is still awesome!


  1. This is one of my favourite colours too. I absolutely love it. And the second set of pictures definitely show of the colour more (in my completely non-professional opinion) xx

  2. Love this colour! Perfect for Spring/Summer! xx


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