Monday, September 10, 2012

Unearthing My Make-Up: Shopping The Stash Vol.1

I have read quite a few Shopping The Stash blog posts recently (Emma over at Fluff and Fripperies is one of my favs) and I decided it was something worth doing. I certainly have a decent amount of make-up and it is inevitable that some things get forgotten about. 

Each week I am going to choose a few items that I haven't worn a lot recently and make the effort to use them in the upcoming week. I will keep the items near hand, in a little drawer unit on my make-up table so that I don't forget to use them! Oh, and the chosen items aren't going to be the only items I use for the week, I just want to filter them into my routine.

I don't think I'm going to confine myself to any particular categories just whatever products I feel I have neglected.

Right, let's see what's in the stash for this week!

First up is Benefit's Dandelion blush. It's a lovely light pink blush that I have been neglecting in favour of darker pink or peach blushes. I also have been ignoring my NARS Orgasm Illuminator. It should go nicely with Dandelion.

Lip products for the week will include a Philosophy lip gloss in Tinsel Town which is a highly pigmented red lipgloss. I am also going to be using my 17 lipstick in Beehive and Stila Lipglaze in Grapefruit.

For the eyes I will be using the Benefit Eye Bright pencil as well as 2 NYX Jumbo Pencils in the shades Oyster and Slate which I haven't used in such a long time. I will also use the Bare Minerals Well-Dressed powder under-eye concealer.

So that's it for this week, looking forward to rooting out more for next week!


  1. Oooh that Nars Orgasm illuminator is lovely! I'm always neglecting products! I tried shopping my stash this week and I'm guilty of using none of it :( I need to make more of an effort next week!

    Emma xxx

    1. The Illuminator is amazing. Can't believe I haven't used it in so long! Good look with your stash this week! x

  2. I've seen that Beehive lipstick three times today. I think it wants me to adopt it :) Great choices! x

    1. Haha that was the reason I got it last year, I kept seeing it on every blog! You need it too:) It's a great lipstick but the 17 ones seem to have a tendency to melt! Ah well it still works! x


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