Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nail Polish Removers

You all know that I am a nail polish addict. So it stands to reason that I change my polish quite frequently. Here's the ones that I am currently using.

First up is the most recent one I’ve gotten. It is the Bourjois 1 Second remover. It is a pot with a nail polish soaked sponge in it that you basically stick your finger in and when you take it out the polish is gone. Is it as a straightforward as it claims to be? Yes. I find I have to twist my finger a couple of times for it to come out polish free but it does work very well, leaving your nail very clean. It works surprisingly well for slight glitters also. I‘ve tried it with chunky glitter and while it eventually works, it wouldn’t be my first choice. The glitter also rips the sponge slightly so when you take your finger out there’s bits of sponge all over it!

This remover also contains nourishing sweet almond oil. This makes it smells nice and coats your nails/fingers in a slight oil to help prevent them drying out.
I love this remover for when I’m in a rush. No need for multiple cotton pads or faffing about. Stick it in and away you go!

However, like most products there is a downside. For me, I find that despite the addition of the nourishing oil, the skin surrounding my nails has become incredibly dry. My cuticles became quite sore and I’ve being trying to mend them! This happened after solely using this remover for about a week (I got lazy and wasn’t bothered using remover with cotton pads!). I definitely just have to keep this remover for when I really am in a rush - dried and sore cuticles aren’t worth the convenience.  This probably won’t be an issue for most people unless you change your polish nearly daily like me.

Next up is the pricy one. Chanels Nail Colour Remover, at £13, it is quite frankly a ridiculous price for nail polish remover. I would much rather spend the money on Chanel polish than remover! It’s such a blah product to buy. However, I’d heard it mentioned that it was a good remover for polish that tends to stain. And it is. Polish comes off extremely easy with this and I also discovered that is very adept at removing glitter polish. A few swipes and it comes of nicely. This remover also smells amazing. It doesn’t smell like a normal remover at all. More like a gentle, sweet, smell.

The only downside is the price of it. And that it comes in a glass bottle so if you’re clumsy...well then.  As it is so expensive I only use this remover for deep staining polishes like dark blues and reds and for some glitters. It’s not something that I want to have to repurchase frequently but it is something I would pay money for again.

Finally comes my usual duo. I bought the Zoya Remove+ just for the pump bottle. I wanted a pump bottle and couldn’t find one anywhere. Of course a week after the bottle arrived I found one in a beauty supply store. Isn't that always the way. Anyway, the Zoya Remover was fine but nothing spectacular enough for me to go and repurchase. I just buy either a Sally Hansen or Cutex remover in Boots (I think it’s a Sally Hansen one in the Zoya bottle at the moment) and refill the bottles. I don’t have any preference for either of the types within those brands, I usually get something different each time.

I have tried the super cheap Boots/Tesco stuff before but I didn’t find it any good so I stick to the Sally Hansen and Cutex stuff. I also have a huge bottle of pure Acetone but I keep that for slight clean-up around the nails as I think it would be too harsh to use continuously on my nails/fingers.

Do you have preferences for nail polish removers or do you just use whatever’s handy?


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