Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OPI NYC Ballet Soft Shades Collection

I got two of the four polishes from this collection - Care To Danse? and My Pointe Exactly.

Care to Danse? Is a sheer polish with a seemingly lavender tint. Now I find it extremely difficult to detect this but if you strain very hard, you will see it. Regardless, I quite like this. It’s not your typical clean, classic, nude but it still looks good. My nails are slightly stained yellow so I do think it would be preferable to have nails in tip-top condition if wearing this.

My Pointe Exactly on the other hand (hah) is rotten! It actually looks dreadful on me. I can never see myself wearing this again. And the worst thing is I made sure to look at swatches before I bought it!  Maybe if I dress up as a zombie or ghoul for Halloween I could wear it.


  1. gorgeous color :) and wow I wish my nails are as perfect as yours! XO

  2. My Pointe Exactly is brilliant for a jelly sandwich mani, I couldn't wear it on its own. I actually wasn't impressed with any of the shades from this collection, they're expensive, I want to be able to see them on! Still, great for building and layering and I love that they're jellies :)

    1. Oh I must try layering it so! I hate having a polish that I won't use! Thanks for the tip:) x


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