Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chanel Mimosa

Mimosa is sunshine in a bottle. I don’t have too many yellow polishes but when I found out about Mimosa I had to have it. It often saddens me when I find out about polishes that I missed out on because I wasn’t into polish at the time. This is especially true about Chanels, as discontinued polishes often go for extortinate prices on eBay. The worst thing is that when Mimosa was released (Summer 2011) I was into polish! I was still sane though and not interested in paying the price of Chanel polish. Oh how times have changed.
Thankfully I managed to find a brand new Miomsa on a blog sale for retail price. Happy times.

Onto the polish itself. It’s a dark yellow with shimmer throughout. I only used two coats in the photos but I think 3 thin coats would give a better finish overall.

I’m glad I found it for a decent price, as I don’t think it would be worth buying for above retail price on eBay.

Do you wear yellow polish?

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