Thursday, December 15, 2011

China Glaze Let it Snow Winter 2011 Collection

I liked nearly every shade in this collection and ended up getting 9 out of the 12! Some of them came in little sets, which were shown in Novembers collective haul post. 

There were quite a few reds in this collection, 4,  and I have 3 of them.

Velvet Bow 
Velvet Bow is a deep wine red, with no shimmer or glitter.

Poinsettia is a bright red shade, once again with no shimmer or glitter.

Ring in the Red
This is my favourite of the reds. A medium red but it is a glittery red. It is jam-packed with glitter and is not just a layering glitter, it can be used solo no problem!

There were 2 silvers in this collection

Tinsel Town
Tinsel Town is a gun-metal grey silver and is another chunky glitter polish.

Icicle is what others have labelled a non-descript silver foil. I see what they mean, but as I had no other silver foils in my collection it was unique and pretty to me!

Champagne Bubbles 
This is a kind of unusual shade in the sense that it is gold, with silver sparkles. From what I've read on other blogs, a lot of people don't appear to like this combination but I don't mind it. The silver is quite muted, you can just about make it out on my middle finger.

Twinkle Lights
An explosion of red, green and gold chunky glitter this is another very opaque glitter polish.

Snow Globe
Snow Globe is the one everybody said could not be built up to full opapicty, that it was just too thick.I wanted to defy the naysayers. I failed. It really is thick, like golden syrup. What you see on my nails is one coat and on my little finger, you can see where it slid off after very little jibing. Despite this, it really is a stunning polish, look at it in the bottle, look!

Snow Globe layered over Poinsettia 
I didn't really like this layering to be honest, I think it will look much better layered over a creme white.

Glittering Garland
I saved the best for last. My favourite of the collection. A beautiful deep forest green with stunning glitter embossed in the polish. It dries to a super shiny and flawless finish. Definitely one to make you go ooh! 

Have you picked up any of the polishes from this collection? Are you fed up of Winter collections and already looking forward to Spring/Summer 2012? :D


  1. LOVE these colors. x

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