Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Beauty Express Brow Kit

To me, eyebrows are a very important feature simply because they frame your face. I definitely tend to do my eyes up a lot more than my lips on a daily basis and as a result of this I've taken to filling in my brows on a daily basis. I probably started doing this about a year and a half ago, and to be honest I would consider it part of my regular make-up routine. I feel very bare without them filled in now, as I do like a defined brow. I've noticed as well since starting to fill them in, just how patchy they are. To be honest I don't know if it's because I'm just so accustomed to them being so defined that they seem patchier or if they genuinely were always patchy! 
All that said, if I'm running very late, doing my brows is the first thing to be forgotten about!

When I first started filling in my brows, I used an eyebrow pencil and then I graduated to to using a brow powder, namely the Urban Decay Brow Box.  (Which I love!) I used that for nearly a year but for the past couple of months I've been trying out the Anastasia Brow Kit, which was sent to me by a PR company.

They are an American based company 'Anastasia has long been the definitive eye and brow expert for icons such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah as well as hip up-and-comers like Diana Agron, Selena Gomez and Kristen Cavalari and has recently expanded into colours that match their superior standards for skincare based cosmetics.'

I was interested in this Brow kit, as it contained some of those fancy eyebrow stencils, which was something I'd wanted to try out. 

The outer packaging

The little kit itself

The kit comes with 5 stencils, a brow wax, 2 brow filler colours, 2 eyeshadow colours and a slanted brush. There are also instructions on the lid itself.

The lid opened

Close up of the wax, brow colours and shadows

The 5 stencils

I like the way that it's a very 'get-up-and-go' kit. I think the inclusion of an eyeshadow duo that can be used on the eyelid and as a highlight, is a brilliant idea, it really makes it become more versatile and more than just a brow kit. You could definitely use the brow colours as eyeshadow as well so essentially you could throw this kit into your bag along with some mascara and that could be your eyes sorted. The kit that I was sent was the Brunette one but there is also a Blonde one available.

The slanted brush it comes with is actually very good. It's firm and it hasn't shed yet. The brow colours are good (I mix them) but I did find them a little difficult to blend into my eyebrow, in comparison to my Urban Decay one. The lasting effect during the day was faultless and the wax was nice and soft and kept them in place without being too hard. 
The eyeshadow duo was nice to apply, very buttery soft, and gave a subtle glow to the eyes. 

And onto possibly the main feature of the kit - the stencils. I used the petite arch one. I felt that most of them were very large but I imagine that is so that they cater for a wider variety of people. Were the stencils good? They were good but for me personally I feel that they are just a little bit too fiddly to use on a daily basis. I'd be more inclined to use them on a night out. 

Before - Completely bare eyes and eyebrows.


After - Eyebrows filled in, eyeshadow duo on lid and brow bone, mascara.

Anastasia has been around for a while in the States and I don't think its available here just yet, but as far as I know, they are planning to branch out internationally.  


  1. I have to do my brows, otherwise my face doesn't look right - I just use the Catrice brow kit & a bigger brush, but this looks brilliant - love the idea of the stencils! Must keep an eye out for this brand, have heard a good bit about it. Great review :)x

  2. Thanks MissGreenEyes! Haha that's the perfect way to put it - 'my face doesn't look right' that's exactly how i feel without them filled in! x


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