Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Barry M Dusky Mauve

Wednesday night already! Christmas is this weekend, yay! Hope everybody is all prepared:) (or nearly prepared!)

Time for more Barry M love! Today's polish is called Dusky Mauve. 

My pictures are showing it up to be very brown, but in the very last picture you can see the purple throughout the bottle, which does somewhat reflect on the nails.


Dusky Mauve has been hailed as the dupe to Chanel's Paradoxal. I don't personally own Paradoxal so I can't compare it myself but from looking at comparison swatches online, it does seem to be true!


  1. I adore this polish, it's one of my faves.

    If you happen to have a bottle of GOSH's Rainbow polish I suggest you layer it over Dusky Mauve, the result is just gorgeous.

  2. I do indeed have Rainbow, and the pairing between it and Dusky Mauve sounds epic! Can't wait to try it!:) x

  3. Delighted you have Rainbow, I hope you like the combo.


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