Monday, February 28, 2011

February Favourites

I can't believe that I'm doing my February Favourites post already! This month has gone unbelievably quick - probably because it's missing 2 days lol!
Now down to the good stuff!

Mac Pro Pan Palette 
I mulled over the idea of getting a pro pan palette for quite a while. I loved my eyeshadows in their cute little pots but sometimes opening up all the little pots in the morning took time, not to mention they take up quite a lot of room. At the time I only had 6 eyeshadows, so I can't realllly accuse them of taking up too much space but I knew over time my eyeshadow collection would grow and to be honest the thoughts of having a drawer full of little eyeshadow pots that I had to root through every morning was not my idea of fun.
The other thing I was wary about was having to depot my 6 current eyeshadows. I knew I was better to be attempting it when I only had 6 and not 60 but still I was kind of nervous about it.
I finally decided that a palette was the way to go and took the the plunge and bought a 15-pan palette. Thankfully my depotting went without a hitch (kind of - I completely shattered club but managed to put it back together thanks to YouTube!).
I am thrilled with my palette, it really is so much more efficient in the morning and it looks so pretty! Thanks to my most recent haul I now have it completed, with two extra shadows in a 4-pan quad, which I bought for travelling. I'll have to pick up another 15-pan one the next time I'm at a Mac but for the moment I'm delighted with one complete one! Someday I'll have a palette for each colour!Woot!

Sanctuary Salt Scrub
I'm not going to say too much about this as I have a review coming up on it during the week(which I meant to have up before this one - d'oh) but it is amazing stuff! Being addicted to it since I bought it near the beginning of the month!

Ok so I only started using it over a week ago but it is so much fun that it deserves to be in my favourites!

Herbal Tea of the Month: Pu-reh Blackcurrant Tea

Yummy. And it's a cool shade of purple! Smells slightly weird but I think that happens all blackcurrant based drinks when they're heated. I don't think it'll pass out last months favourite of Lemon and Ginger, but it has definitely been one of my main go-to herbal teas this month:)

That's my favourites for this month, not too many beauty/make-up related probably because I was just in love with my mac palette for the month!

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