Friday, February 25, 2011

Mac Makeup Haul!

This haul was not exactly planned. I ended up having to go somewhere and where was a Mac counter (oh no). I had 6 depotted eyeshadow pots with me to B2M so I knew I'd get a lipstick anyway. I told myself that I wouldn't get any eyeshadows as it wasn't  a pro store and I didn't want the hassle of depotting more eyeshadows just yet when there was other things that I knew I wanted to buy.
So the things I had planned on getting was more brush cleaner, a fix +, a fluidline and a 187 brush. That was plenty I decided.

However, when I got to the counter.....they had pro pan eyeshadows. Well that threw me! And I went a bit mad buying more than I intended lol! Ah the dangers of mac! This will definitely be the last mac haul for quite some time though.

                                                                     The haulage!

                                                    Lipsticks in Viva Glam Gaga and Myth. 
                                                              Fluidline in Rich Ground

                                            Pro Pan Quad, Brush Cleanser and Fix+ Lavender

                                                       Brushes 187 and 224
Eyeshadows L-R: Phloof!, Steamy, Satin Taupe, Expensive Pink, All that Glitters, Beautiful Iris and Paradisco. 

That should keep me going for a while lol!

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  1. Nice haul! You picked up some great eyeshadows too! x

  2. Thank you! It's so hard to pick eyeshadows though, you just want them all! haha!

  3. Oooo, looks like you had a lot of fun and got some good products! Those colors look great for kicking off the spring season!

  4. Thanks! Yeah I wore the pinks and purple today and created a lovely pastel kind of look. As you said perfect for spring:)


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