Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dove Supreme Body Silk


That says it all. I felt that for me this was such an amazing product that it warranted it’s own post. I’m as fickle with body moisturisers as I am with shampoos. I’m a sucker for buying any that:
a)     smells nice
b)    are cheap
c)     promises me miracles

However, I’ve remained faithful to Body Silk since last summer when I first tried it.
I think one of the reasons that I’ve previously been so fickle when it comes to body moisturisers is because I’ve such dry skin. My skin literally flakes off if I haven’t moisturised it in two days. Because of this I need quite a heavy moisturiser so that it sinks in and gets rid of any tightness that my dry skin leaves me prone to. 
Unfortunately, I hate the feeling of heavy creams on my skin. Yes, they would work but I hate how greasy they make me feel and I just want to wash it off as soon as I apply it. Not good. I’ve tried the usual ones for dry skin; E45, Eureacin, Aqueous, Cocoa Butter, Shea butter etc., as well as all the other ones in the pharmcy. Some I can tolerate more than others and have skipped between a few periodally, but I never found any that I really loved.

Last summer at work, we were discussing fake tans (as you do – we had just discovered St. Mortitz, which is fabulous) one of the girls mentioned that she used this Dove Body Silk one. Of course it had to be the next one on my bucket list of body mositurisers to try. When I set out on my search for it, I discovered it on offer for around €2.95 in Tesco and at that price I was as well to give it a shot.

I fell in love with it straight away. The smell, the consistency and of course the moisturising effect. It comes in a tub, which I prefer to a bottle simply because it’s a lot less messy. It’s a very generous sized tub as well. I’ve disvovered that prices vary considerably depending where you shop. I’ve seen it as dear as €7+ but usually it tends to retail around the €5 mark. I have seen it on offer quite frequently, though never for as cheap as it was when I bought it the first time.
If you're sick to death of trying  all the moisturisers under the sun, give this one try. Even at its most expensive of €7+, it’s still cheaper than many other body mositurisers out there.

Here’s to soft, supple, scale-free skin!:)

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