Saturday, February 5, 2011

Black Shatter by OPI

I am so excited by this Black Shatter!
It was definitely worth the wait and wasn't disappointing at all.
I bought Black Shatter in the Grand Slam Duo pack along with Simply Smashing.  Simply Smashing is a beautiful  green tinged gold and opaque in two coats. The application of this was very good but the most impressive thing about it was its wear.
Due to been extremely busy at college during the week, I didn't have time to change my nail colour from Friday (last) to Friday (yesterday). After the week there was no chipping and only minor tip wear on my middle finger. And this was with no topcoat!! I applied black shatter to my tips and while this wore off and was not unexpected, I just quickly reapplied it to the tips on Wednesday.
Extremely impressed with Simply Smashing and truly fell in love with the colour - I was unsure exactly how much I was going to like it going by promo pictures.


Simply Smashing 


Simply Smashing with Black Shatter on tips 

For the moment I decided to buy only one of the colours from the Katy Perry collection. I went with Not Like The Movies, which is a fabulous purple and green duochrome. It's super shiny and has a foil finish. Appliction was slightly streaky and needed three coats but overall was fine. It's a fantastic colour and I hated to 'ruin' it by putting on the Black Shatter lol! When I put on the Black Shatter it had a great effect but the only gripe I have is that because NLTM is such a fantastic colour by its self that the black shatter doesn't really do much for it, insofar as it's like they're both fighting for attention. I think black shatter works better over 'plainer' colours where it can enhance colours as oppose to fight them.  

After looking again at the other colours in the collection, I'm so tempted by Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night even though I know how disappointingly sheer they are. I think they might work well over a blue/pink base though? 

Not Like The Movies - Showing the green duochrome  

Not Like The Movies - Showing the purple duochrome 

Both of the above  pictures are very true to life of how the colours show up on the nail


With Black Shatter

With Black Shatter

The duo pack and Not Like The Movies 

Overall I was really happy with the Black Shatter effect. I think it adds a fun dimension to my nail varnish and I can't wait to try it out over more nail colours:)


  1. It's beautiful over the blue! I didn't like the look of the shatter from the promo pictures. I'm more a french manicure girl myself but it'd be sweet for a rock themed outfit.

  2. You can't beat a classic french manicure! The shatter is good to have in the collection because it's something that you'll end up using at some stage you know? And it's that little bit different:) Rock on!!lol!


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