Friday, March 4, 2011

Essie Chinchilly

Chinchilly is my first and only Essie nail varnish. After hearing great reviews about the brand I decided to try one out. The colour of Chinchilly to me, is a kind of  greyed-out mink brown. The application and coverage was fine, I loved the colour and there was fairly decent chip resistance.

Would I purchase Essie again? Yes, but not in the same way that I buy OPI or how I plan to buy more China Glaze. Essie just doesn't really do it for me. Yeah, there's one or two colours that I like the look of such as Turquoise and Calicos and I'll probably get that, but I'm not going to be keeping track of the collections or seeking out the best colours.

(The application looks dreadful in that picture!)

All in all, it is a good varnish, I can't deny that, but as a personal preference I won't be aiming to build up a collection of Essie nail varnishes!


  1. love the color :) really nice!

    new follower here and I have to say that you have a great blog! :)

  2. Thank you very much, really appreciate it!:)


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