Sunday, February 27, 2011

GOSH Peachy

Colour wise, this nail varnish is stunning. A beautiful coral, with orange/peachy hints but no pink tints, which is nice for a change.

The major letdown with this nail varnish was its application. Atrocious. It wouldn't dry for ages. At first I thought it was because I had put the coats on too thick and after denting the nail varnish one too many times and having it pushed completely to one side of one of the nails, I gave up and took it off.

Take 2: This time, I decided to put on really, really thin layers of varnish and wait as long as I could for it to dry. It worked!! Nearly. I still managed to dent my ring finger:-/

It's such a pity as it's such a gorgeous colour, perfect for brightening up a look. I'll wear it again but I'll probably put it off as long as I can because it's such a pain to apply. And I'll have to do a 3-coater the next time as I can still see a visible nail line after 2-coats:-(

In short; stunning colour, shame about the application.

And it was impossible to capture it's true colour in a picture! Argh, it really doesn't like me!! These pictures are  showing it a bit more neon than it is in real life.:-/


  1. Oh no, such a shame about the application as the colour is lovely xx

  2. Yea it was so disappointing:( I suppose it would have being worse if it turned out to be an awful colour as well as an awful application!


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