Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hand Saviours!

This time of year I get addicted to handcream. The sudden colder, sharper weather can cause my skin to become very dry, very quickly. Near the end of September I rediscovered my loyalty card from The Body Shop. I completely forgot that they give you €10 off your purchase during your birthday month! (They also give you 10% off any purchase, any time when you use your loyalty card!) As my birthday is in September I made sure to get in before the month was up. What I intended to get was the Hemp handcream as I have heard a lot about it. However, I hated the smell of the Hemp handcream but next to it was the Almond handcream so I gave that a sniff and fell in love with it.

It’s one of those amazing handcreams that is thick yet sinks in to your skin with ease and without leaving a greasy residue. There was also a nifty little cuticle oil pen in the range so I got that as well.  It is quite a thick oil yet like its’ handcream counterpart, it sinks in easily. This duo combined is perfect for popping into my handbag and using on the go.

There is also a creamy handwash in the range which I passed on at first but a few days later while washing my hands at home I felt that the handwash left my hands quite dried out after using it – cue a trip back to The Body Shop! 

I love this trio of handcare items. They leave my hands feeling soft and cared for. The smell that lingers is divine but not overwhelming. After using the items for well over 6 weeks I know I will certainly be repurchasing each of the items.

If you’re on the lookout for some items to treat your hands to in this harsher weather, definitely check these out!

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  1. I bet this smells lovely!x

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