Sunday, March 25, 2012

What The Hype?!

As I sit in my room, surrounded by make-up and beauty related items, I began to think of all the things I have bought because of the hype. Because they were the new wonder product. The new must have. The holy grail.

And as I thought this, I wondered how many of them lived up to that expectation. That hype. Was it worth craving? Was it worth searching for? Was it worth the money?

And so I am going to begin reviewing some of the products that I have bought because of the hype. Off the top of my head, this minute I'm thinking of things like the Clarisonic, Bioderma cleansing solution cleanser, Origins Gin Zing eye cream etc.

Most of the things probably are worth it because although I'm a dreadful impulse buyer and easily swayed by hype, if I know in my gut it won't suit me, then I won't buy it.

So we shall see. Stay tuned.


  1. O god I have bought so much purely because of the hype on YouTube and blogger. Items I never would have thought twice about buying before! They rarely live up to their expectations for me! I have to remember that everyone is different and some products wont work as well on me as someone else. We all learn out lessons somehow!

    1. I think there is quite a few of us who get swept away by hype!


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