Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nail Polish Collection: Breakdown Part 11

Happy Saturday! And of course Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So we are at the beginning of the end. The last nail polish brand I have to show you is of course OPI. I fell head over heels for OPI and I now have more OPI than any other brand. I've divided them up into 3 separate posts, so we still have 2 weeks to go:)

L-R Alpine Snow, I Juggle Men, Happy Anniversary, Spark de Triomphe, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Melon of Troy, Are We There Yet?, Wing It, Big Hair...Big Nails, Chop-Sticking to my Story.

L-R Over the Taupe, Ginger Bells!, Decades of Shades, Rising Star, Warm & Fozzie, Skull & Glossbones, Suzi Takes the Wheel, My Private Jet, Smitten with Mittens, Rainbow Connection.

OPI Part 2 will be next week:)


  1. Fab collection, I love the look of Are We There Yet? & Suzi Takes the Wheel, so pretty :)

    1. Thanks Claire! Yep they are both gorgeous colours!


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