Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little Bit Of No7 Love!

Ah those wonderful No7 vouchers that Boots are so fond of giving out. I got so many around January time and ended up getting all nail varnish with them. Here are some of my favourites.

Vivid Violet. 
A beautiful royal purple. No blue tint.

 A delectable bright orange.

Totally Teal. 
A moody darkened teal. Kind of grungy.

Highland Mist. 
Darker than your usual nude but not yet a pink. Unusual looking but elegant.

Do you usually avail of the No7 vouchers or do they remain crumpled at the bottom of your purse until you find them months after expiry? This used to happen me a lot hah!


  1. Your nails are deadly!!!! I love the violet & teal ones,so gorrgeous :). xx

    1. Thanks Art! The violet is probably one of the best purples I own! x

  2. love the orange and purple, your nails are so stunning! love the length, x

    1. Thanks Nicole, really happy with the way they are now:) x


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