Monday, March 12, 2012

From The HOF

Since discovering that House of Fraser deliver to Ireland for a mere £3 (free if you spend over £50) I have peeked through the website on more occasions than I can remember - it has even earned itself a bookmark on my web browser. The fact that they sell MAC online only adds to the appeal. 

This particular splurge came late at night after a particularly long and arduous day at work. Did it make me feel better? Hell yeah!

So what did I cave and get this time? 

Two more lipsticks from the MAC Shop MAC Cook collection. I got Innocence, Beware and Watch Me Simmer.

A MAC eyeshadow in Blackberry. I have Yoghurt and Quarry and seemingly Blackberry is their perfect accomplice so I am looking forward to trying that combination.

A Chanel nail varnish in Particuliére. It's what I consider one of the must have Chanel nail varnishes.

L-R Innocence, Beware, Watch Me Simmer, Particuliére and Blackberry

Top to Bottom: Watch Me Simmer (Not as red in person), Innocence, Beware (Heavy Swatch!) and Blackberry. 

I love the shimmer that comes out in Innocence, Beware! I can see why it has been adored by so many people.

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  1. Innocence, Beware! looks like the perfect nude lipstick!


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