Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review: Vichy Aera Teint Pure Foundation

I bought this foundation after I had problems with the Catrice one I was using.

Colour: I bought the shade 23 Clair Ivory. It's not orange!

Scent: Lightly scented - vaguely reminds me of something sweet, but not in a bad way. (I detest scents in beauty products that smell like candyfloss or 'frosted cupcakes' etc.)

Blob of foundation
Coverage: It blends seamlessly into my skin. The coverage is what I would consider medium coverage but it is buildable without becoming cakey. It is a very light, moisturising foundation, that leaves a natural, slightly dewy finish. The swatch is on my inner arm (extra pale!!) so the colour does look better on my face.

Blended out 
Durability: I found that it lasted a good 8-10 hours before it started to wilt.

Price: It was around €18 for a 30ml bottle

Overall: I found this foundation to be very gentle on the skin. It was just what I needed after my skin was so upset after using the Catrice one. What a contrast the Vichy one is. I find that it is a comfort to my skin and perfect to use on days that my skin simply feels tired and drained and worn out from dry skin.

This is definitely what I now consider 'my skin is sick but I still need to wear foundation' foundation. I can see myself always having a bottle of this to hand, even if I don't continuously use it as my everyday foundation.

Have you used any of the Vichy skincare or make-up products? What did you think?


  1. Thanks for this lady. It sounds like what I am looking for, must go and see if I can find a colour that will match my skin tone...

    1. Yea definitely go swatch it. I think there's a shade called 12 something, that might suit you it's quite pale.

  2. This is interesting, I tried one Vichy foundation maybe 3 years ago and found it very cakey so never went back to that brand for make up.
    I might see if I can grab a sample or two and see if they have gotten better

    1. Definitely get a sample and try it. I know there was one that was similar to this one but it came in a tube and it was way thicker and probably cakier than the one in the glass bottle.


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