Monday, January 16, 2012

What's in my......Shoebox?

So I thought I'd do a different slant on the usual 'what's in your bag' post and instead feature my wonderful shoebox! It's a great addition to any handbag collection. It never loses it's shape, stores plenty and comes with a full removable lid.  

Maybe I should explain a little further. Whilst I stop short of actually carrying the shoebox around with me in place of a handbag (Would be a bit awkward, no?) This shoebox lives on my handbag shelf in my wardrobe within easy reach. 

You see, I change my handbag frequently. I don't use the same handbag for weeks on end for every event. What handbag I'm using depends on if I'm going to work, if I'm just going to town for an hour or five, if I'm visiting people. I change it to complement my outfit. Basically every place I'm going will require different items in my handbag. 

As a result of always emptying out my handbag I came up with the solution of the shoebox. It means that everything I take with me in my handbags, is deposited in the shoebox when I'm not using them on any given occasion. It makes everything easily accessible when they are required. It also houses extras of things that I might run out of or use up, like tissues and lip balms.

Let's take a further look at my shoebox.

The Shoebox

An Inside Look: Some items that can be seen - gloves, extra make-up bag, tissues, deodorant, lint roller, passport, disposable camera that I keep meaning to bring with me and get developed!

Let us move on to the handbag of the day

The handbag that I am currently using. An €11 bargain from Penny's, it was love at first sight.

A peek into the bag. Oh how the excitement is building.

Contents of the bag spread out. (And yes I do carry the ginormous cat around with me in my handbag). 

The essentials that I will always have with me.
Phone, Purse, Earphones, Keys and Small wallet of extra cards that don't fit in my purse :/

I will bring my current reading material with me if I'm going to work or if I know I'll be waiting alone somewhere, like for an appointment. Especially if it's a really engrossing book I just want to be able to read it any chance I get. I'll soon be reading while I wait at traffic lights lol! (Not really people, that would be considered dangerous driving, dangerous driving I tell ya!) I got a kindle for Christmas so it will be great to bring that around with me as it will be so much lighter.
Also in this picture are my 2 planners. The butterfly one is for my blog:) In it I'm keeping track of what posts I post, an ideas list etc. The polka dot planner is for work. I just joined the gym at the weekend so I'm also going to use it to keep track of when I go and when the classes are on.

This next section is my essentials part 2. Here we have an umbrella, pocket tissues, a pop-out hairbrush/mirror combo, Extra chewing gum, a Nakd bar, a pen, tube of Carmex, a Korres lip butter, nail file and a re-useable bag (the yellow thing).

My little make-up/toiletry bag

The only make-up I ever really have with me is my lip combo for the day and sometimes concealer. 
Currently in this make-up bag I have a mini deodorant spray, a lipstick and lipgloss combo, handcream, Migrastick, Fresh Breath fluid drops, Hand sanitizer, hair grip, cotton buds, random tissue, Rennie, Panadol and Migraleve. I know it seems like I have lots of medication but I suffer from migraines, sinus headaches and tension headaches so I always need to be prepared for them! And the Rennie helps with nausea brought on from the migraines (and if I eat too much lol!).

And of course I couldn't end the post with out a feature picture of my helper during the photoshoot! 

How does my handbag fair compare to yours? Do I carry way too much with me or not enough?!


  1. You are so organised! I need to sort my handbag out, I always have a load of rubbish that I don't need and never anything that I do.


    1. It's insane how much rubbish can build up in even only a couple of days! x

  2. i totaly understand the helper i have it 3 and they allways wanna be on my pictures :))

  3. Yours is pretty similar to mine, except I don't have a shoebox - I have about sixteen handbags stuffed full of bits of paper, tissues, hair pins, etc - basically the leftovers after I switch bags! I have to carry the Migraleve in my bag too, the only job for an attack. My handbag at the minute is a big shiny black one, everyone calls it the suitcase :/ Love your helper! x

    1. Haha I love finding random lipgloss or clips in bags you haven't used in ages. Or even better, money! Haha I have a few bags that could be considered suitcases as well!:D The helper says thanks! x

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