Friday, January 27, 2012

Purple Panic!

At this stage I have nearly all my nail varnishes swatched. I was up to date but then I bought more and I haven't gotten around to getting photos of them yet! Anyway, I thought every so often I would to a post on a certain colour but mish-mash of brands. Also as I've been doing the swatches for a while my nail length varies as does my polish painting skills and my photography abilities!
Today it's the turn of some purples. Enjoy!

Wet n Wild No Name Purple

Revlon Purple Night

Claire's No Name Purple

Sephora Wanna Be A Star

Catrice Dirty Berry

Sally Hansen HD DVD

Catrice Forget Me Not

Nubar Violet Sparkle

Any favourites? I think mine have to be the 2 Catrice ones and the Claire's one.


  1. uuu like the last one the moste!

  2. Beautiful colors! I'm a sucker for a good purple polish!
    -Hayley xx


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