Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bourjois Blue Délavé

I thought I would show one of my oldest nail varnishes. I bought this when I was in love with all Bourjois products. I think it was the French name, it made every thing sound so much more sophisticated and we all know how at 14 being older than you are is the most important thing, ever.

Blue Délavé is an extremely sheer varnish. This is about 4 coats. It really would be best to layer it over another blue varnish. 

I quite like it though, it seems like an icy blue. Cold, like an angry sea. 

I haven't bought any Bourjois nail vanishes in a long long time. I only have two left in my collection. Any other old Bourjois fans out there?


  1. I rather like the Bourjois little round pots. This is a pretty colour, but 4 coats seems like a lot of work...! xo

    1. I love using the little round pots wet, fantastic pigmentation. Yea, 4 coats is definitely a bit too much time consuming! x

  2. I love (the very popular) Rose Lounge polish for when I want the neutral look and I have recently purchased Bleu Asphalte to try, a dark blue-grey. Not sure if I will love it yet but Bourjois are a great brand.

  3. Oh Bleu Asphalte sounds like a beaut! x


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