Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lunch Hour Shopping Dash!

This past week at work was pretty hectic so I made the most of my lunch hour on 2 of the days by doing a little bit of shopping. I usually buy most of my make-up and stuff online so I hardly ever just go into the shops any more.  I've put myself on an online shopping ban since last week though (about time too, I went a little overboard the week previous) and it's going to last the next 2 weeks as I'm visiting friends in Dublin then so I want to save for that:)

Firstly I went to Penney's. I only had time to look through the accessories section but I had a quick glance over at the clothes and there seemed to be a few nice bits in. Anybody pick anything up recently?
I saw this bag (€13) and even though it's relatively similar to the one featured in my 'what's in my bag' post, it is larger and more structured.

I love scarves  and I don't have many with designs or imprints on them so I thought this cream scarf (€11) with navy anchors will be perfect for spring. The bracelets (€5) caught my eye because of the larger ones delicate floral pattern.

I went into Boots needing some dry shampoo and a volumising root spray. There was an offer on Umberto Giannini products (3 for €14) so I got what I needed as well as a hair mask which certainly won't do any harm!

Also in Boots I got another of my favourite lip glosses, Revlon's Gold Dust. (€7 on offer from €11). I also wanted to use up another No7 voucher so I got a nail varnish in Milani (€1.95) I still have 2 vouchers to use! I also stopped by the Chanel counter to get the new foundation, Perfection Lumiére (€44) The Spring collection was also there and I couldn't help but get a nail varnish in June (€21.50) Thankfully I had a voucher that covered the bulk of the Chanel purchases!

Anybody else do a little shopping during their lunch break?:)


  1. I LOVE lunch break shopping. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does it.


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