Friday, January 6, 2012

My Mac Palettes Overview

I mentioned in my top products of 2011 post that Mac palettes were one of my favourites. It was last January that I decided I wanted to use palettes instead of pots and so I depotted my collection at the time which consisted of 6 eyeshadows. I then bought my first 15 pan palette along with a few new eyeshadows. Currently I have 2 full palettes and one extra pan eyeshadow which I got for Christmas, which I'm housing in a quad until I get another 15 pan palette and continue my collection!

Honesty eyeshadow

The two 15 pan palettes. I keep a layer of protective sheeting on top of the eyeshadows to protect them when I'm travelling. The sheet is cut from the protective packaging that comes with digital cameras etc. 

I have placed a sheet with all the names on the inside lid of the palettes.
I don't tend to move my shadows around the palettes, only when I get a new palette, so it is not that difficult to keep the names on the sheet up-to-date.

Neutral Palette

1st Row: L-R Brulé, Vanilla, Phloof!, Paradisco, Yoghurt.
2nd Row: L-R All That Glitters, Wedge, Mythology, Expensive Pink, Quarry.
3rd Row: L-R Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Amber Lights, Antiqued, Smut.

Colourful Palette

1st Row: L-R Shimmermoss, Juxt, Swell Baby, Silver Ring, Beautiful Iris. 
2nd Row: L-R Steamy, Green Smoke, Humid, Atlantic Blue, Satellite Dreams.
3rd Row: L-R Surf USA, Sumptuous Olive, Club, Prussian, Fig.1.

Ideally, further down the line I'd love to have a palette dedicated to each colour, e.g. greens. purples, blues etc. Someday!:)

Any recommendations of your must-have colours that I don't have here?


  1. @Emma Thanks!

    @adoreabubbles lol thanks!


  2. ahh what a fab collection! I've only got one palette but think I might have to start another one now ;) haha. x


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