Sunday, May 15, 2011

Revlon Ocean Nail Varnish

I was really excited to try this nail varnish out as I had never tried one of the scented Revlon nail varnishes. And I adored the colour. 
Firstly I'll discuss the scent. It was very sweet for me and I couldn't quite figure out what it was supposed  to smell like. It was just a generic sugary sweet smell. It kind of reminded me of what 'make-up' products aimed at little girls smell like. If you like the smell of it, it does linger for a few days but not overwhelmingly so. Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the smell, it wasn't so bad that it would prevent me from wearing the nail varnish again. 

Next the actual nail varnish itself. It was really good. I have found that Revlon is much like GOSH in the sense that their nail varnish can be very hit and miss; both application and opacity wise. Ocean however was one of Revlon's hits. The application was flawless. It went on so smoothly and was very opaque from the first coat. The colour certainly didn't disappoint me. It was so bright and reflected so much shimmer and I just loved looking at my nails with it on.  

The other fantastic thing about this nail varnish was it's lasting power. Usually I wouldn't leave nail varnish on for too long but when I was wearing this it just so happened that I didn't get a chance to take it off for about a week. The pictures were taken just before I removed it. While there is slight tip wear, especially on the little finger, all in all it wore extremely well.

Such a gorgeous colour, I can't wait to put it on again! 


  1. I love the color and absolutely have a very similar one on right now.


  2. Isn't it really such a fabulous colour! xx

  3. Great color! Love the blog!

    Stop by sometime

  4. love the colour, from your previous post which would you say is the best nail varnishes between revlon, OPI and china glaze ? also love your eyes in the post about the mac pigment- how much was it?


  5. Hey Melissa:) Overall, out of the 3 of them, I personally find opi the best as they seem to have been more consistent with good application, I find that revlon can be very hit and miss. China glaze is also really good and cheaper too:) The mac pigment cost €24.50. xx


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