Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Haul! Mac, Lush and Urban Decay

I can’t really lie and say that I’ve had this post ready for ages but didn’t get it posted due to blogger being in a bad mood but my peeps on twitter know the truth -  that I only found out blogger was down yesterday afternoon!
I had my last ever offical thing for college on Thursday and had to spent Wednesday prepping for it so that’s the reason that it was only on Friday that I got the chance to do this post. (and then only got the chance to post it today).

So I really didn’t think that I’d get the chance to do much shopping on Tuesday in Dublin as I had an appointment that I thought would take much longer than it actually did. This meant more shopping time for me, the purse wasn’t overly keen on this idea though.

Anyway first stop was MAC. I went in hoping that they would have the Surf Baby collection in, as it’s out in the UK but the girl said that unfortunately they won’t have it for another few weeks.(But from reading other blogs I think it appeared on Thursday?) I should have turned on my heel and left then. As if.

I ended up getting a few things that were actually my first ever items from some product lines.

I got my first ever paint pot. I know everybody raves about Bare study and Rubenesque as the must-have paintpots and while they’re nice and extremely wearable and useable; the one that appealed to me most was Indianwood. I love bronze colours and I thought that this would create a great base for more vibrant bronzed eye-looks which are my favourites in summer.

I bought my first pigment as well. I got it in the colour Melon, which is so pretty and has an amazing peachy sheen to it. I think it will look fabulous as a slight twist on the bronze eye.

My last ‘first ever’ from MAC in this haul is one of their lipglosses. Now I’ve heard people say that they find them sticky but I bought a lipglass in Underage and it is one of the nicest lipglosses I’ve tried. I definitely didn’t feel that it was overly sticky. Perhaps it is their other forms of lipglosses that are stickier but I’ll still give them a chance.

The next item I got is a lipstick. They still had some stuff left from the Quite Cute collection so I decided to get the Quite Cute lipstick. Which is purple. Am I ever really going to wear purple lipstick? Would I have been better off buying a lipstick that I could wear comfortably every day? Probably. But purple lipstick is more fun! Besides if you just put a slick of it on, it’s more of a sheen and with a little bit of lipgloss I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear purple lipstickJ

 Swatches: L-R Melon, Indianwood, Atlantic Blue, Silver Ring, Quite Cute and Underage

I also bought 2 more eyeshadows to add to my eyeshadow collection, which I adore. The 2 colours I bought, I got because I don’t have anything like them in my collection. Silver Ring is a beautiful grey/silver which is going to be ideal for a smoky eye look and it’s a veluxe pearl which is my favourite finish. I also bought Atlantic Blue as I have no true blues and I thought this was a gorgeous vibrant blue and looks as if it will go well with Silver Ring to create a blue smokey eye.

Next stop was Lush. I’ve wanted to try some of their skincare line for a while so I bought Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and Tea Tree Toner. The cleanser smells divine and has left my skin so smooth. The toner is surprisingly gentle and I like it so far.
I also got a bathbomb in Sakura and it smells so good. I think it is supposed to smell like cherry blossoms and it is just wonderful. Not too sweet like some of Lush’s stuff. Can’t wait to use it!

The final make-up item I got is the one I am most excited and thrilled about. It is of course Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. I can’t belive that I actually managed to get it. 

The colours are fantastic and I think it is a really good price at €36 for what you get. I got it in Debenhams on Tuesday and there was loads of them there in case anybody is still trying to get their hands on one. Even though there has been gazillions of reviews on this, I proably will end up doing one as well. Lol!

So that’s it for this haul, if you want any more details on anything mentioned just let me knowJ


  1. I hate Atlantic Blue eyeshadow from MAC, I think it's so hard to blend and the colour pay off is crap!

    I got my first paint pot this week too lol, Im curious as to how usable it will be :)

    I also got the Naked Palette recently and I love it!

    Great Haul :)

  2. Nice Post! Glad I found this blog!

    If you're into photography, check out my blog. I'm a photographer!

    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same. Thank you. :)

  3. Great haul! Urban, Mac and Lush are my go to shops when I'm feeling like splurging on beauty bits! xxx

  4. I want Melon so bad, you should defs do a look with it and then I can justify buying it. :)


  5. Elly - It was really hard to blend out even on the swatch on my arm:( Such a pretty colour though so I'll make it work lol! I used the paintpot today and found it worked well. And yay for the naked palette! x

  6. Brandon - Thanks:) Nice blog you have too:)

  7. Fairy - Thanks! They're such lovely splurging shops aren't they? x

  8. Sarah - Melon is such an amazing colour, I'll have a look on it up soon, anything to help you justify buying it!:p x


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