Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini Review: China Glaze Island Escape

I bought three colours from China Glazes Summer collection - Island Escape. There's a total of 6 colours in the collection and they are all brilliantly bright and colourful, perfect for summer. 

I found that the formulation of all of the 3 that I have was quite thin/watery. I don't remember this issue with any other China Glazes that I've tried. Like this was literally running off my nail as I tried to spread it around! (And I was removing excess polish on the opening of the bottle.) When it first happened I just thought this is going to be a disaster but despite this, the varnish dries really quick and opaque. All the pictures are just two coats. The varnish was really shiny on it's own and was easy to remove despite a slight grittiness due to shimmer. 
I love all the colours and am very tempted to get the other 3! 

Senorita Bonita - A purple shimmer

Paypaya Punch - A bright orange but not quite neon

108 Degrees - A gorgeous pink shimmer with slight blue reflects.


  1. I love the look of Papaya Punch! xxx

  2. The colors are so gorgeous! I love them, I think the yellow is my favorite!!! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment:)


  3. @Fairy it is such a bright colour, love it! xx

    @Annabelle I think it's my favourite too! and no problem you've a fantastic blog! xx

  4. Those are pretty colors! I really like the purple and pink.

  5. All lovely colours, Paypaya Punch is particularly pretty though! x

  6. @D. Sadie they are so pretty! x

    @ Nat It's my favourite too! x

  7. They're all really pretty but I think the last is my favorite! I also just bought a gorgeous hot pink color by Essie called Pink Parka, you should try it.. Cool blog so I'm following u now! I hope you can come visit my page soon and maybe follow back, I'd appreciate it so much :-)

    Hugs from NYC!

  8. The Essie colour sounds fab! Thank you so much for the follow:) x

  9. I bought the 'flying Dragon' China glaze, and it looks glossy in the pot, but when applied, it dries very matt! x


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