Thursday, May 19, 2011

GOSH Rainbow

This I think is my all-time favourite nail varnish. It needs to be used as a topcoat as on a bare nail itself, it doesn't amount to much. Rainbow is a beautiful gold flakie which reflects the colours of the rainbow. I've been wanting to do this post for a while (I finally got my hands on Rainbow at the end of January) but wanted to try and get it pictured over as many colours as possible. I could have kept going for ages but I had to stop sometime and this post is already extremely photo-heavy! 

When I found out about Rainbow, I searched everywhere. It wasn't in any of my local Gosh stockists and from everything I had read online, it was long sold out everywhere. (I was very late in discovering the beauty of Rainbow). I had seen one knocking around US ebay but it was for around $29 or something obscene like that which I was not prepared to spend on a nail varnish (just yet lol!)
By chance I was in a small independant pharmacy that I don't even go into very often and I hadn't even remembered that they stocked Gosh. When I went in they had a little bargain basket of Gosh goodies going for 1/2 price and after rooting through it,picking up Magic Star first (damn you Magic Star, so often have you made my heart leap), I found 1 lonesome bottle of Rainbow!! I actually squealed! I couldn't believe it, I practically cradled it going up to the till, I was so afraid I'd suddenly become clumsy and drop it! (I didn't thankfully :D)

What I hate about doing this post, is that everybody is going find it difficult to find Rainbow. My advice is keep an eye on ebay in case you come across it cheaply but also just anytime your in a pharmacy, particularly in small towns or villages, keep your eyes peeled and you might just strike it lucky like I did!

And now we can move on to the photos. I'm going to divide it up in to 3 sections. The first group of photos are Rainbow over colours that while still very pretty, just don't show it off to it's most fantabulousness! The second group are the ones that it works over and looks good but the third group are the ones I love it over!

"The 'ooh' but meh"

1. Rainbow over OPI's Do You Lilac It?

2. Rainbow over Revlon's Grey Suede

3. Rainbow over Revlon's Minted

4. Rainbow over China Glaze's Pelican Grey


5. Rainbow over China Glaze's Mint Candy Apple

The "Yea, I Think It Works" 

1. Rainbow over Essie's Chinchilly

2. Rainbow over GOSH's Holographic

The "OooooOoooh I Really Like It!"

1. Rainbow over OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark

2. Rainbow over (I have no fecking idea!)

3. Rainbow over China Glaze's Peace on Earth

4. Rainbow over Catrice's I Sea You!

5. Rainbow over OPI's Strawberry Margarita with Essence Matte Topcoat

6. Rainbow over Catrice's It Blue Me Away


Sorry for the crapness of so many of the photos:-/ I'm still learning how to take decent photos


  1. I need this! Looks gorgeous! Also, love the random inclusion of the cat :) x

  2. Haha, one of them is usually hanging around beside me so I like to make them feel included:D x

  3. eeee I love Gosh rainbow flakie, I def prefer it over deeper/darker colours :-)

  4. I love this also! AND it's not a nightmare to remove like most glitters! My fav is by far Lincoln Park After Dark xxx

  5. @ Nicole it is definitely better over darker colours! x

    @ Fairy The first time I tried it I was like please don't be a nightmare to remove, so happy that it's not! x

  6. Awesome flakies! It looks a bit like the Golden Rose flakies!

  7. @Sylvia This is my only flakies polish but I really need to get more! x


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