Monday, May 30, 2011

May Favourites

Aussie Lusciously Light Mega Shampoo and Conditioner.
I've used Aussie shampoo a few times (love the 3-minute miracle conditioner!) but I was never overly pushed about it as a shampoo brand in general. Last month sometime, I was in Boots in need of some shampoo and I spied the lusciously light version of the shampoo and conditioner. (It was the first time I had seen it, it could have been available for ages though).
I wasn't really holding out too much hope for it but I love it. It really does make your hair feel a lot lighter. Not only that but it made my hair shiner and healthier too, I believe. I've loved it that much that it's the only shampoo I have used this month, usually I have a few different shampoos and change around between them but I couldn't bear not to use the Aussie ones this month!

Lipstick and Lipgloss Combo - Beehive by 17 and Peony by Revlon Colourburst.
This is my absolute favourite lip combo. It creates a very natural but very pretty day look. It is the combination that I've used the most this month.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Although I haven't even owned this for a full month, it had to take part in my favourites. It's definitely lived up to the hype for me and I love it!

Paradise perfume by Next 
This was a cheap perfume that I picked up and it is so perfect for summer. A light fruity scent, I've been wearing it the most as I don't have much of my Flowerbomb perfume left and I'm trying to ration it lol!

What have been your favourites this month?


  1. I totally agree about the UD Naked Palette. I love looking at it and occasionally use it. I really like it too.

    Also, will definitely check out the Aussie s&c you mentioned because I've been looking for a new one.

    I just followed you. I really like your blog!


  2. Love your favorites! The naked palette seems to be a lot of beauties favorite. I MUST get my hands on one! Lol


  3. Love your favorites!

    I must actually do one myself =D

    Keep up the good work, loving your blog.

  4. @JC definitely check out the aussie stuff:)

    @D. Sadie Hope you can find one of the palettes soon!

  5. @Fairy it really is such a nice neutral lip combo:) xx

    @Neise Thanks hun:) Would love to see your favourites! xx

  6. I just purchased the Naked eyeshadow kit and I love it!!! Please check out my site and follow if you like.
    Mint a la Mode

  7. Hiya when come back to us I wanted to let you know I've given you a few blog awards.


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