Thursday, January 27, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion

A cult favourite among a lot of the members of the beauty community on youtube. You rarely see a makeup tutorial with out it being used (too faced shadow insurance is also very popular).

Before I became more interested in makeup I knew what primer was but I never really saw the point of it. About two years ago I gave in and got a face primer and found the benefit of that but to be honest the thoughts of spending around €18+ on an eye primer was just daft to me.

A couple of months before Christmas, a local pharmacy had loads of Urban Decay products on sale. One was like a little gift set with 2 eyeshadows, a glitter eyeliner and a mini bottle of primer potion - at €10 I couldn't not try it!
And the primer potion was amazing! It definitely lived up to the hype, it goes on really smooth with a nice consistency. The staying power is incredible. I can wear my eyeshadows from 8am until 11pm and it does.not.shift.
For Christmas, I got a full sized bottle of it which I am delighted with!

Word of warning though, from what I've read here on the internet it appears that even when you think that the bottle is empty there is actually loads of product left. I think they've changed the doefoot applicator on newer bottles though, it has a little slant on it as you can see from my photos, enabling you to scoop out more product from the sides....but I think I'll still be cutting the bottle up when I think it's finished. I cut up the mini sized one when I thought it was finsihed and there was loads left so don't throw it out until you're certain its empty!

Actually what I think I'll do is take photos of the same makeup look, with and without the primer, am and pm, to show the difference.

Do you use UDPP? What do you think?

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