Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Salon Vs. Supermarket Shampoo

I didn't know what to call shampoo that wasn't from a salon - I didn't know whether to go with chemist or pharmacy but neither of them sounded right! So supermarket it was.

I've always been one of those girls who changes shampoo after every bottle. I don't know whether thats a good thing to do or not but I found that if I used more than one bottle of the same shampoo in a row, it kind of lost it's 'thing' (Making your hair soft/light/bright/non-greasy etc.) Besides there is such a selection of shampoos out there, I always wanted to change and try something new, hence I never bothered buying any of the salon shampoos. What was the point of spending €14+ extra on a shampoo when I wasn't going to repurchase anyway? Could they really be that much better?

So a few months ago when I was getting my hair done, they gave me some sample sachets of Joico's Moisture Recovery shampoo,conditioner and treatment balm. It was free so I didn't mind trying it out. The shampoo and conditioner were good, they left my hair nice and soft, it smelt like I had just left the hairdressers, so it was all good. I tried the treatment balm and it was unbelievable! I fell in love with it there and then.

A couple of days later, when my mum was going into the hairdressers, I asked her to pick me up a full-size bottle of the treatment balm. Her being my mum she went and got the whole set.

Now that I've had the chance to try them all out numerous times, has my opinion of salon shampoo changed? No. As I said earlier, it's just shampoo to me, there is no amazing change in my hair from it. What has made the difference is the treatment balm. That I would repurchase without a doubt. I only use it once a week and it is a substantial sized bottle so it will last me for ages.

My advice? If you're considering getting a salon shampoo, ask the hairdresser for a sample first, before you shell out your money for a product that you may not like as much as you hoped you would.

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