Saturday, January 8, 2011

New OPI Collections - Grand Slam and Katy Perry

Yep this is definitely old news but I'm still so excited!

I'm not that long into OPI so these are the first collections that I've been waiting for to come out.

Black Shatter that's part of both the Grand Slam with Serena Williams and Katy Perry Collections looks fabulous. I can't wait to try it out over all my nail varnishes!lol! I just hope it's not going to be letdown but somehow I think it will be as good as it is being advertised. Oh and on the OPI website, you know where you can try the colours on on the hand? You can now add the Black Shatter to that as well!I like it.

Black Shatter comes in a duo with Simply Smash-ing, which is the first colour being released in the Grand Slam Collection. It's a kind of greeny yellow in the promo pictures, but hey at least it's bright.
There's four colours being released in the Katy Perry Collection, Teenage Dream (light sparkly pink), Not Like The Movies (a grey-green?), Last Friday Night (a sparkly blue) and The One That Got Away (a gorgeous bright fuchsia style pink). I thought these looked amazing in the promo pictures especially Last Friday Night, but so far the pictures I've seen on other blogs has being very disappointing. The colours, with the exception of The One That Got Away, appear to be very sheer. So I'm undecided, which, if any, I'll purchase. If I do get any I'll be sure to swatch them. It will be a while yet because I usually try and source them online as the only place I can get them near where I live is sorely overpriced.

Did you get any of these collections? What did you think?

(Images from OPI promotional pictures)

EDIT: Scrangie has some swatches of both collections up:-D

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