Monday, January 3, 2011

The First Post!

Hi everyone!

So after thinking about it for a while, I've finally decided to start writing my own blog. I have read so many blogs the last few months and I just love the whole idea of it.

So whats this blog going to be about? In short, a little bit of everything!:-D
Predominantly though, it's going to be make-up/nails/fashion. Quite possibly with a bit of cooking/recipes and scenery photos thrown in for good measure!

I've always liked make-up etc. and have always worn it to some extent since I was about 12/13. However, it's just in the last few months that I've gotten that excitement back. You know what I mean - that pure and utter joy when you start experimenting with make-up, it's all so new and fresh and amazing! After that initial phase, it just became bland and routine. I did the same thing every day more or less, with not too much experiment with colour ( thick black rings under the eyes in the mid-teens anyone?)I suppose for years it was just what it was - foundation to even out skin tone, mascara and black eyeliner to emphaise the eyes, sometimes with the addition of an eyeshadow.
No blush, no bronzer, no highlight, no primer, no concealer, no setting powder, no defined eyebrows, no differing eyeshadow colours and certainly no use of more than one eyeshadow at the time!
I suppose in some ways it was good. I was lucky that I had clear skin, albeit quite dry, so I didn't feel the need to be caked in make-up, and the less make-up that I wore meant less room for mortifying mistakes!
Once I started college, I got drawn in to the enticing world of make-up a lot more and began having fun with it. I learnt about blending eyeshadows etc., and basically just branched out a bit more. Now I'm in final year college and am getting even more into make-up. Trying out different eye looks, using lipstick more etc. I don't really know why it's quite suddenly changed for me but I suspect it may be because I'm looking for a distraction from final year college projects (not really a good idea lol!). The same thing has happened with nail varnish - how the hell have I never noticed all the beautiful colours? I've suddenly turned into a magpie:-D

I am by no means amazingly skilled at make-up artistry, nail tech or fashion design, I'm not studying any of them in college and I don't have any plans to do so, I'm just a normal girl who has discovered how dazzling and spectacular the world of beauty is and wants to share her opinions on it.

Thanks for reading, I should have my next 'proper' post up soon:-)


  1. *is procrastinating while supposed to be studying for 3rd year exams*

    Followed your link on boards. I am Smiles302 on the food diary page. =D

    I love make-up blogs!

  2. Hey Sinead! I'll do anything to avoid studying for exams, what better to do than start a blog!:p


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