Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow, Already?!

I was sorting through all my photos on the laptop and I came across these photos that I took last December of the snow. Although the snow and subsequent icy weather has caused havoc the last couple of years, there's no denying how pretty it all is! 

I thought I'd post these few pictures (out of a lot) before I end up taking this year's batch of ones :D 


  1. I HATE snow, but it makes everything look so pretty! My hard drive threw a fit this year so I lost the majority of my winter pics, apart from a few I had on flickr. A good excuse to take loads more this year :) The dog's so cute!!

  2. @Girl haha thanks!

    @MissGreenEyes Same I only really like snow at the beginning when it's new and fresh but after that....bleurgh. That must have been so annoying losing all your pictures:( Aw she's a sweetie alright!



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