Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tag: How Much Does Your Face Cost?

I've been wanting to do a tag for a while, and when I spied this one over at Lipgloss and Me I knew I had to try it! Today was a fairly basic day (and my first time using the Too Faced palette - review coming soon) so I didn't think it would amount to too much.

Here it goes!

New Cid i-prime primer: €28
Bobbi Brown Foundation: €33
Catrice Concealer: €3
Nars Bronzer: €27
MAC Creamblush: €19
Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick: €35
MSF Natural: €24
Too Faced Natural Palette: €26
Maybelline Falsies Mascara: €14
Urban Decay Brow Kit: €18
N.B. Prices are approximate, bear in mind some are rounded off and allow for exchange rates as I changed some from GBP to EUR.

Total: €227!!

I really did not think it would come to that much, you never think of that when you're putting it on in the morning!

How much does your face cost? I tag everybody!:)


  1. i dont know how much that is in £'s but i guess a lot!
    it makes me cringe when i think about how much i spend on make-up. i might do a post like this :) good idea! xo

  2. It is seriously scary how much it all adds up to!!


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