Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catrice Nail Varnish

After spying a stand of Cartrice nail varnish beside a stand of Gosh, I decided to try them out. With a wide array of colours and priced at only €2.79, it would be rude not to!

I only bought two because I didn't want to buy a bucketful only to discover that they're useless and at that price I wasn't holding out high hopes to be honest.
 Oh-ho but they are far from useless. The coverage is amazing. The following photos are just one-coaters. Yes, one coat only!! Good chip resistance and a dream to apply, I will definitely be buying more of these. (Not that I should be buying more nail varnish but meh it's cheap!:p).

First up is I Sea You

     And then we have It Blue Me Away! This is definitely my favourite out of the two.                                                                


Cute colours, cute names and cheap prices - Catrice is a winner for me! 


  1. That blue shade is gorg, will def keep an eye out for it. I have a few Catrice nail varnishes, I find them a bit watery kind of-def need a few coats but they have a fab colour range!
    Laura xo

  2. Yea it's def one of my favourite colours. It's great to finally have decent, cheap nail varnish that we can actually buy here!


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