Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My First Chanel Nail Varnishes!

I know you have probably seen these two particular Chanel shades in a lot of blog posts lately, but here we go again! The two shades that I'm talking about are of course, Péridot and Graphite. As the title says, these are my first ever Chanel nail varnishes. At €21.50 a pop, I debated for quite a while before finally deciding, feck it, I have to get them. One of the negative things I keep hearing about Chanel polishes is their tendency to chip easily. Now, as someone who likes to change their nail varnish every few days, I wasn't really concerned about my polish not lasting a week or more chip free. However, I was worried that the chippage would turn out to be instantaneous and after paying €21.50 for it I would not have been impressed.  
Then I came across this post by the lovely Sinéad over at Viva Adonis who suggested not using a base coat to prevent chipping. So I tried it on Péridot.......and no chipping! Result!

First up is Graphite. Just look at it, all silver and sparkly with a slight undercurrent of grittiness. Love it. For this, I decided to wear a basecoat and it chipped! Not a lot but a bit!

After around 4 days, chipping has set in


And next is the stunning Péridot, which is definitely my favourite!
Some (ahem a lot of) pictures of the beautiful Péridot in all her glory(click to enlarge:))

And after 4 days wear there was just some very light tip wear


My conclusion on my first Chanel polishes? These ones were definitely worth the money. While I don't think I'll be purchasing their bog-standard permanent line of colours, when another outstanding colour comes along, I probably will be swayed by the hype and purchase that. Hopefully there won't be any more for a while though!haha!


  1. I am so glad Chanel have sorted their formula out, these two wear better than any other Chanel polish I have!


  2. At the price of them they definitely needed to put some effort into getting the formula right! x


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